360 Degree Medical




We are revolutionizing the health care industry by making it easier for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home-health agencies, medical, dental and healthcare related services to connect with licensed  and professional service providers (physicians, nurses, assistants...) within their local area.

PosiMed, powered by Bimpires, have developed sophisticated yet simple to use technology that enable you to access the highly qualified healthcare providers to fulfill your On-Demand need of staffing.

We partner with industry's leader in background and license verification, employee screenings. The professional service providers will turn their profile "ON" or "AVAILABLE" when they are available to provide the service at the salary of their choice.

Companies will be able to eliminate the costs of contracting with agencies. Instead of scrambling with phone calls and get "not available" response from your work force, Companies now get to choose highly qualified and available health care providers.

Please contact us if you would like to be a healthcare provider on demand or if you would like us to connect you to our readily available providers




PosiMed hopes to give patients in the Bay Area a greater variety of choices when urgent care needs are necessary. PosiMed provides support to Anthem Blue Cross members  with PosiMed mobile app should urgent care needs arise. Members would be able to access the location-services on a mobile device to find the nearest urgent care center and notify the facility that they are on the way. This will cut down the wait time for patients as doctors will know ahead of time who is arriving and when they are arriving, allowing doctors to see the patient as soon as they enter the door.

Physician Office Solution, Inc (POSIMED) focus on a critical component of patient care and coordination: clinical staffs and technology. POSIMED provide well trained front office personel, medical assistants and billing services, electronic medical record softwares


POSIMED continues to develope partnership to bring technology to our patient care.

ErrandRide service


Unlimited Stops.

We'll pick you up from home and take you to multiple locations as you need to do get things accomplished. Perfect for travelers, senior citizens, or business travelers who have multiple meetings.

Available On-Demand.

Bimpies ErrandRide is available on-demand and arrive in minutes. Fare is calculated based on number of stops and waiting time

Not Just Plain Old Drivers.

Bimpies ErrandRide driver partners are professional, courteous, and compassionate. Sometimes you need more help than just someone behind a wheel. We’ll do our best to accommodate any reasonable requests.

PosiMed does not employ or recommend any care provider. PosiMed provides technology and tools to help family and care giver connect with each other. Each individual is solely responsible for selecting a care provider or care seeker and complying with local and federal laws in connection with a business relationship.